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This includes but is not limited to the moving of load bearing walls, windows or changing the original electrical wiring or fire safety installations.

Structural works will usually require the provision of advice from an engineer (a form 15 & 16) or builder to ensure the works do not compromise the structure of your Lot.
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Tell us what work you are planning on carrying out .

Eg. Hard flooring, installing new carpets, installing walls, changes to any sprinkler systems, changes to the wiring, installation of false ceilings or partitions, new fit outs or external change to the property.
If you are installing hard flooring what acoustic underlay have you considered?

When installing hard floors we recommend that you consider installing acoustic underlay to mitigate noise transfer to your neighbours Lot. Failure to do so may lead to noise complaints from your neighbour.
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By completing this application you agree to be bound by the Body Corporate requirements and Bylaws of the Community Management Statement in relation to renovations or alterations within the Lot listed in this application and ensure the works carried out do not cause a nuisance to residents or damage to the Common Property.

 Failure to do so may result in the Body Corporate requesting you cease works or rectify any damage.
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